Can't get it to open

I have downloaded BeyondLabs and connected it. I went through the steps to move it to the proper folder so that it won’t give me the JavaScript error. Now, it is giving me this error whenever I try to open it:

I have already downloaded the most recent edition of AdobeAir and restarted my computer. I have also quit BeyondLabs and re-connected it after I downloaded AdobeAir. What should I do now?

Wow! you have had bad luck with that install! You are in the main admin account, right?
A couple quick questions - what browser is this in?
What I’d recommend first is deleting that folder you dragged over. Maybe it got corrupted somehow?
Quit your connect program, refresh your browser and reconnect. Then try redownloading a new version of the lab.
Please reach out to us on if you need any more specific help- we can help you faster and easier from there!

I did what you said and that seemed to fix the problem for now. Thank you!