Community Update!


You may notice that our community page has a bit of an update! We wanted to make you aware of a few things so that this update is as useful to you as possible.

First - No more extra login! Community is now linked with so you can use the exact same login information to get here. If you are coming directly from - no extra log in needed!

Second - This version of our community is heavily instructor based. You’ll notice that the majority of the categories are “locked” - meaning they can only be viewed by verified instructors. Please feel free to use any locked category to post information you would like to share with your fellow instructors.

Third - Support is being focused on our support page (Support — Beyond Labz) as well as our support email ( Please reach out to us there for support inquiries.

Last - You’ll notice that many of the community posts in the last couple of months are missing. This was a necessary casualty to upgrade to our new version. We hope you understand - if you need access to any of that information previously posted, please let us know ( and we can get you that information.

We hope you enjoy this new version of our community and we are excited to see it grow!


The Beyond Labz team.